Q2 cocoa grinds exceed expectations, while chocolate sales decelerate

The cocoa market is in the midst of Q2 grind results, and the news from at least two regions is showing little signs of a slowdown. Western Europe was the first region to report results, showing a 2 percent hike in bean grind over [...]

Strong gains across the board likely for cocoa bean grind use

Industry associations have reported Q4-2022 grind for the world’s top-two cocoa demand regions, Europe and Asia. Both regions saw a strong recovery in Q4 and in the entirety of calendar 2021. ECA reported European Q4 crush at 365,826 MT, up a strong 6.3 percent [...]

Cocoa grind growth mixed for major regions of use

European grind provided a more neutral tone at 373,625 MT in Q1 2020, up over 5% from Q4 2019 and up almost 1% YOY. This is a reversal from the previous three quarters, which all showed YOY declines. Asian Q1 grind was reported at [...]

Asian cocoa bean grind still growing—North American grind retreats

North America’s Q2 2018 grind was reported at 119,301 MT by NCA, down 3.1 percent from Q2 2017 grind and the lowest Q2 grind since 2012. This Q2 decline surpassed market expectations, which ran closer to the 1.3 percent and 1.1 percent declines shown [...]

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