Cocoa grinds slow in Q3, closing crop year on a soft note

Although some regions of the world continued to experience solid growth in grind numbers throughout the 2021/22 season, chinks in the armor were seen, with at least two main regions starting to show weakness. Calendar-year Q3 (July to September) marks the end of the [...]

ICCO raises projected cocoa deficit for 2021/22

With one month remaining in the season, ICCO officials raised their 2021/22 deficit estimate to 230,000 MT this last week. Per Reuters, officials cited solid growth in demand in the current season as the principal driver of the shortfall, with Asian and European grind [...]

Western Europe first-quarter cocoa grind off to the races

Results for cocoa beans processed and converted into various chocolate products during Q1 are starting to be reported. Cocoa processors across Europe reported a total of 373,498 MT of beans consumed during Q1 2022, 4.4 percent above the prior year. The results reported also [...]

2021/22 cocoa grind season off to a strong start

October marks the start of the new crop year, and it can be useful to analyze grinds over a similar period when calculating the current supply and demand balance. The Q4 2021 grinds, from Oct. 1 to Dec. 21, 2021, showed continued strong offtake [...]

Fresh highs for cocoa, ignoring bearish grind numbers

Cocoa futures surged nearby or above $2,800 MT to multiyear high after this week’s release of somewhat anemic Q4 grind numbers. Trade was waiting to see whether Q3’s grind numbers were a one-off or whether softness is continuing to creep into the cocoa demand. [...]

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