Sweeteners 101

McKeany-Flavell’s experts have more than two hundred years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Use us! Tapping into our expertise helps you make informed decisions, saving you time and money.

We have educated buyers and sellers at all levels of the food and beverage industry. Our in-depth historical and technical perspective combined with current market insight helps our seminar participants gain a deeper understanding of the factors affecting their jobs and the company bottom line.

101 Seminars

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Sweeteners 101, Sugar 101, Corn & Corn Sweeteners 101


Sweeteners 101 Sweeteners 101 Outline
Our Sweeteners 101 seminar offers comprehensive coverage of the North American sweeteners market, including the impact of Mexican sugar on U.S. sugar producers and consumers. This two-day seminar is an invaluable introduction to the industry.

For more information, please contact our Sugar Champions, Michael Caughlan and Kevin Combs.

Sugar 101 Sugar 101 Overview
Focusing on domestic and world sugar supply, demand, and market forces, Sugar 101 uncovers the dynamics of the U.S. sugar industry and examines the interplay of the U.S. and Mexican sugar industries. The seminar also explores the global sugar market, from supplier and consumer perspectives.

For more information, please contact our Sugar Champions, Michael Caughlan and Kevin Combs.

Corn and Corn Sweeteners 101 Corn and Corn Sweeteners 101 Overview
The U.S. corn sweetener market represents more than 45 percent of total caloric sweetener consumption domestically and is an important exporter, as well. The industry is adept at evolving to take advantage of new product trends, such as ethanol, but sometimes leaves customers feeling unsure of true market forces. Our seminar explains this industry, its leading domestic and global players, and explores consumption and ingredients trends to watch.

For more information, please contact our Corn Sweetener Champions, Craig Ruffolo and Nicole Thomas.

Cocoa & Chocolate 101


Our Cocoa and Chocolate 101 Seminar is a comprehensive look at the cocoa and chocolate industry and is an excellent introduction to the cocoa world. Commodity veterans benefit from the discussion of market trends and fundamentals and market intelligence commentary from industry experts. Based on participants’ knowledge and background, we can construct targeted seminars that provide the most beneficial information. Cocoa & Chocolate 101 Overview

For more information, please contact our Cocoa Champion, Paul Kortenkamp and Mike Caughlan.

Edible Oils 101


The U.S. is a top producer of edible oils, from soybean to cottonseed and more, but learning the ins and outs of so many markets can be challenging. Our Edible Oils 101 seminar will bring you up to speed about domestic market factors, global edible oils competition, and consumption trends to watch. Edible Oils 101 Overview

For more information, please contact our Edible Oils Champion, Nicole Thomas.

Fruit & Fruit Concentrates 101


Consumers are demanding ever more beverage options, and the juice industry has stepped up with inventive blends, while food manufacturers have turned to fruit to boost nutritional content and flavor. Competition in this industry can be fierce while locating quality products among many import sources frustrating. Our seminar gives you the opportunity to learn from market experts how to navigate the fruit and juice markets. We can customize a 101 to fit your fruit and fruit product needs.

For more information, please contact our Fruit Concentrates Champion, John Ortelle.

Grains 101, Wheat & Flour 101


Grains 101 Grains 101 Overview
Our Grains 101 seminar provides comprehensive coverage of the domestic and global grain markets. This seminar is an excellent introduction to the industry.

Wheat & Flour 101
Flour is a fundamental ingredient in many products, and understanding how the U.S. wheat market functions both at home and as part of the global supply is key to keeping on top of pricing. Learn how the wheat and flour markets have evolved and what to expect going forward. Contact us to discuss your training needs.

For more information, please contact us.

Buying Strategies 101: What Every Buyer Should Know


Our “What Every Buyer Should Know” seminar provides comprehensive coverage of key topics new procurement professionals must know. This course becomes even more powerful when your team takes it together and shares their challenges and solutions to difficult issues as well as exciting opportunities and new strategies. We will construct a targeted seminar for your team based on participant knowledge and background to facilitate creative thinking and develop the team’s skills. Buying Strategies 101 Overview

McKeany-Flavell is instrumental in helping customers fulfill their needs in many other ingredient areas. If you are responsible for purchasing an ingredient of any type, please contact us.

201 & 301 Seminars


Commodity veterans benefit from our seminars as well, as we examine market trends and fundamentals at a specialized and more detailed level, including influential global market factors. Our industry experts work with you to develop targeted seminars to explore the most beneficial information. These further education modules can be conducted onsite or by webinar.

Please contact us for information.

What do our customers say?

On behalf of the attendees of your sweetener seminar last week, I want to thank you for an excellent review of the North American Sweetener market. There have been a great many changes in the market and in the industry over last decade and it was very helpful for us to better understand the changing structure of how the market is supplied. It was also helpful for me to understand all of the things you monitor from both the supplier and buyer perspectives. I know everyone enjoyed the frank discussions about various players in the sweetener market. We very much appreciated your great hospitality and the excellent relationship we have had with you over the many years and look forward to many more. Once again, thank you for a wonderful experience.

– Sweetener Industry Representative