Deliveries to wholesale grocers, jobbers*, and dealers make up around 21% of all sugar deliveries for human use (average, 2013/14-2017/18), making this category the second largest. (The largest is bakery and cereal, though at 24% of all deliveries for human use, wholesale is a close second.)

Deliveries to this wholesale fell a surprising 12.6% in 2013/14; in the four marketing years since, these have shrunk by an annual average of 0.1%.

While cane sugar deliveries were strong in the last market year, it is beet sugar use that has seen some growth, picking up an average of 5.4% over the last five years vs. an actual average decline of 2.7% for cane sugar use.

*Jobber is another word for wholesaler or reseller; this usage dates to the middle of the 17th century (Online Etymology Dictionary).

Sugar deliveries to wholesale grocers, jobbers, dealers

Source: USDA FSA, McKeany-Flavell
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