When we sit down to write our New Year’s resolutions, I imagine most of us will not include, “Eat sugar.” Let me mention a reason you might reconsider.

In a day and age when everything you read encourages you to reduce your intake of caloric sweeteners, it may sound absurd to suggest keeping a bit of sugar in your life. However, something occurred to me this holiday season: Without sugar, I would not have had the opportunity to continue one of my favorite family traditions, making homemade sugar cookies with my children. Our kids are now 11 and 13 years old, getting too grown up to believe in old Saint Nick, too mature to hang out with their mother and me at most functions. But one tradition they still look forward to is the day we get covered with flour, lick the spoon clean, and decorate sugar cookies with all sorts of fun sprinkles.

This is time I won’t ever forget, and it has allowed our family to hold onto something that is so critical to the strong family unit: Togetherness. This year, we made cookies and delivered plates to each of our neighbors. Our favorite experience was giving cookies to our neighbor Barbara, a widow whose children do not live in the area. She is the adopted grandma of our street. Her smile when she saw us at her door to deliver these cookies was amazing.

So, yes, eat healthy in 2020! And when you think about sugar, perhaps notice that just a little bit can spread a large amount of joy.

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