This week, ECA reported European Q2 2021 cocoa grind is at a record 356,854 MT, down 0.3 percent from Q1 grind of 357,815 but up 13.6 percent from Q2 2020 YOY. German Q2 grind had been reported at 93,064 MT of beans, up 18 percent YOY.

Following suit, North American Q2 2021 grind is at 123,719 MT, 0.1 percent from Q1 grind of 117,956 but up 11.7 percent YOY. NCA results were based on survey of 16 plants for this most recent report vs. 18 months a year prior.

North America quarterly cocoa grind (NCA)

Source: NCA, McKeany-Flavell
Posted by: Information Services
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