The U.S. Department of Labor’s Producer Price Indexes for industry track several corn wet milling–specific price trends, including starch, corn sweeteners, and wet milling coproducts. These PPIs are in line with price directions we have noted—that is to say, up up up.

Looking at the PPIs for manufactured starch, corn sweeteners, and coproducts, following a brief dip in prices during the height of the COVID shutdown in 2020, corn starch derivatives have since increased in value by more than a third, while the value of wet milling coproducts has risen by over 79 percent. Just over the last six months (October 2022 to March 2023), the PPI for starch rose 16 percent while the PPI for corn sweeteners rose 13 percent.

The PPI for coproducts shows a steeper increase since 2020 than the PPI for wet mill products, reflecting in part higher values for corn oil.

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