The 2023 Spring Market Seminar was held this past Wednesday!

The Spring Market Seminar is our annual event where McKeany-Flavell market experts share their knowledge and insights and celebrate developments in various ingredient industries.

This year’s seminar was held on Wednesday, April 26.

Our experts in corn wet milling, cocoa, wheat, edible oils, sugar, and energy gave presentations about current trends and factors impacting all sides of these market sectors. Speakers provided a healthy mix of data and anecdotes to paint a detailed picture of the current state of various ingredient markets.

If you are interested in the knowledge and insights shared by Wednesday’s speakers, videos of the seminar will be available for purchase through our website:

For more in-depth knowledge about a specific ingredient industry, check out our client-focused market seminars; more info is located in the market education tab of There, you will find detailed overviews of seminars such as Sweeteners 101 and Edible Oils 101. These seminars are amazing tools to dive into a particular industry and learn market fundamentals!

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McKeany-Flavell experts participate in the roundtable discussion at our Spring Market Seminar, April 26, 2023.

From left to right: Jeff Rasinski (cocoa), Eric Thornton (wheat), Kevin Combs (sugar), Nicole Thomas (edible oils), Craig Ruffolo (corn wet milling), Shawn Bingham (energy), and host as well as President & CEO, Michael Caughlan.
Source: Barbara Brodnitz
Posted by: Information Services
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