Action, Drama & The Thrill of Commodities

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Sometimes commodity markets and ingredient procurement can seem like a world apart—maybe that’s why we feel (just sometimes!) like we’re in a movie—except that you can’t make this stuff up! Explosions, fires, and floods right out of disaster movies, jockeying for trucks like we’re in Mad Max, tense negotiations a la Tarantino, and also some of the best good buddy times.

If life does sometimes seem like you’re the lead actor in your own movie, then McKeany-Flavell wants to make sure you have the best lines in the biz. Keeping the narrative thread, staying in good with the cast and crew, and nailing the monologue: That’s not just show business, kid—that’s our business, too. Because the script is why prices are where they are, the cast and crew are all the industry people you work with, and your star monologue distills complex market forces into a compelling pitch for your producers, that is, C Suite.

This year’s Spring Market Seminar will be a fun day presenting IQ Awards to the markets for some of their top narratives for 2023. You will leave feeling amazed, touched, a bit frightened—and knowing the motivation for all our commodity A-Listers: Corn, always hogging the spotlight; Sugar, trying to regain its wholesome image after some bad scandals; Edible Oils, suddenly everywhere all at once; Wheat, fading perhaps but indispensable; Cocoa, international sensation; and Energy, quite the mover and shaker.

Join our 2023 Spring Market Seminar for a one-day market intensive to get you award ready!

Le Méridien Chicago – Oakbrook Center
2100 Spring Road, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 | 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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VIDEO: What to expect at McKeany-Flavell’s Spring Market Seminar 2023


CORN WET MILLING: Corn Wet Milling’s spotlight-stealing includes multiple plant crises, rapid shifts in grind allocations, drought in the Americas and Europe, unexpected domestic use and exports, and new demand categories pushing prices higher. 2023 looks like another big year for this nominee.

SUGAR : Beet extraction issues and late plantings, cane refinery fires and tightening supply, rising deliveries, higher prices, force majeures, and a stocks-to-use ratio identity crisis can’t stop the grit and determination driving Sugar to tackle some of the most challenging roles of its legendary career.

EDIBLE OILS: Rocking the industry and jolting you with each new star turn, Edible Oils races through the labyrinth of Indonesian export taxes, container shortages, price-boosting crush margins, political conflicts and war, drought and production issues, surging biofuel demand, and record high prices. You better buckle up when Edible Oils takes the stage.

WHEAT: Throughout the ups and downs of drought and poor crops, a revitalization in restaurant demand, sanctions on Russian exports, ricocheting statistics on crop quality, and narrowing opportunities for cover leaving buyers at the brink, Wheat delivers an authentic portrayal of turbulence in the commodity world today.

COCOA: The mysteries of production and disruption, the alluring anticipation of grind, the nuances of demand and retail sales, the secretive decoding of ICCO statistics, and the not-so subtle meddling of speculators driving futures prices all put Cocoa center stage as an international favorite.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION: In honor of its long-standing commitment and always active influence in agricultural markets and food and beverage manufacturing, our 2023 special recognition award shines the spotlight on the dynamo performer, Energy!