South and southwest Brazil have seen limited rains in recent months. While significant rain is expected in these areas over the next two weeks, it may not be enough to restore soil moisture to adequate levels. Nevertheless, any rain at this point will be beneficial to crops before the dry season, which typically sets in around late March to mid-April.

In northern and eastern Brazil, frequent rain is expected to remain favorable for the safrinha crop. Safrinha planting and soybean harvest in Brazil are both nearly completed.

Frequent rainfall is also expected to continue throughout most of Argentina, where corn and soybean crops are nearing maturity. More rain is needed for adequate soil moisture in some western Argentine areas.

In the U.S. Grain Belt, light to moderate rain and gradual snowmelt are expected to keep soils saturated and river levels at or close to flood levels over the next couple weeks. Rivers could see significant flooding in the event of heavy rainfall in April.

In April and May of 2019, flooding and significant rains contributed to record prevented planting acres on U.S farms, per AFBF.

South American precipitation forecast, Mar. 17-24

Source: NOAA
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