Pricing for solid or powdered CBD (known as CBD isolate) has aligned at an average price of $1,500 per kilogram across four major reporting regions, per The Jacobsen. Pricing has continued to trend downward as farmers across the U.S. elect to plant more hemp.

But even as the CBD industry grows, regulatory agencies are still catching up. In a recent report to Congress, FDA maintained that use of CBD in human or animal food is unlawful due to a lack of research. The agency stated that it is unaware of a safe dosage amount, if any.

FDA said that its next steps with CBD will be researching the effects of sustained CBD usage and how much CBD is safe to consume in general.

In a statement earlier this month, Food and Drug Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn said that FDA encourages Americans to consult with their healthcare providers before using CBD products.

Some healthcare providers have already embraced CBD products, such as Sutter Health of Sacramento, CA, who sells over-the-counter CBD oil as part of its holistic medicine practice.

CBD isolate pricing by region

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