With the NOAA two-week forecast indicating above-average temperatures across most of the U.S., an early spring appears to be taking shape. With no adverse weather forecast, temperatures should trend 10 to 15 degrees above normal over the next ten or so days, bringing spring-like conditions across the western Corn Belt.

Conversely, last year saw heavy snowpack and cold temperatures across the upper Plains, which brought a late thaw, flooding, and fields too wet and muddy for planting.

Hopefully, 2020 will bring the opposite, allowing farmers to get into their fields early to till and prepare for a better season.

For crops like sugar beet, that narrative will work well in this high-priced environment, which is likely to see a jump in acreage and crop potential in 2020. Similarly, other crops like corn and soybeans could benefit, with the Phase One trade deal with China in place and ag trade ready to expand once COVID-19’s potential impact is better understood.

NOAA forecast, 8 to 14 day outlook

Source: NOAA
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