In the U.S., the nongovernmental American Farm Bureau Federation reports that a meal for ten would cost about $46.90 at the grocery store (not adjusted for inflation). The figure, based on a nationwide survey, is down 4 percent from the estimate of $48.91 last year.

With turkeys a common loss leader at stores, the whole meal’s ingredient cost is at a ten-year low. Per pound, the retail turkey price is down 7 percent YOY at a ten-year low.

To refresh its menu, the Farm Bureau reported on a slightly larger meal that includes ham, potatoes, and green beans, bringing the cost to $60.11

Adjusted for inflation, the estimated cost for a Thanksgiving meal is its lowest in the informal survey’s 35-year history.

Farm Bureau’s cost of Thanksgiving dinner & inflation index

Source: American Farm Bureau Federation, McKeany-Flavell
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