In its May citrus report, USDA made no changes to estimated domestic orange production. Florida early-midseason orange production in 2020/21 is seen at 22.7 million 90-lb boxes, California at 42.0 million 80-lb boxes, and Texas at 1.0 million 85-lb boxes.

For Valencia oranges, 2020/21 Florida production remains pegged at 29.0 million 90-lb boxes, California at 10.0 million 80-lb boxes, and Texas at a multiyear low of just 50,000 85-lb boxes. Harvest of late-season citrus may continue into late May.

Florida grove activities as of May 17 included postharvest mowing, fertilizing, spraying, and replacing older trees. Adequate soil moisture was reported in 57 percent of the state vs. 31 percent short moisture, and no drought concern was observed in major producing regions.

On May 18, most-active Jul-21 FCOJ futures settled at 117.1, up 9 from the May 5 close of 108.1, a contract low.

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