October feed and meal prices, at $159 and $568 per ton, respectively, were close to September levels and still much weaker than year-ago values. Meal and feed were quite high last year, and while current prices seem to be tracking more closely with 2021/22, they are still higher than historical levels. 

Formula-based crude corn oil pricing (derived from a 93.2 percent correlation to soybean oil futures) averaged near 52.3 cents per pound in October, down 12 percent from September. Corn oil accounted for 31.5 percent of the coproduct credit, a four-month low. 

The coproduct credit was around $2.57 per bushel, down about 7 cents from September, due to lower corn oil pricing. With the decline in the credit and slightly higher cash corn pricing (up 4 cents month over month), net corn cost increased 14 cents per bushel from a month ago. Even with the weaker credit, however, net corn cost has been down by an average of 33 percent year over year since July. 

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Source: 123rf.com
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