NOAA’s August outlook calls for above-average rain in the eastern Grain Belt and average rain in most other areas. Below-average rain is expected in the western Dakotas and in western Nebraska as the drought continues.

Above-average temperatures are forecast across the northern region and in parts of the central states, which would evaporate topsoil moisture quickly and increase the need for timely rains in the northwestern and northcentral Belt.

Prior to August, beneficial rains are expected to give temporary support to crops throughout the Grain Belt, including some areas in the western region that are unfavorably dry.

A period of warm and dry weather is expected in parts of the western Belt from Jul. 17 through Jul. 28 that may significantly increase crop stress and lower yield potential, particularly in the Dakotas and Minnesota.

NOAA daily U.S. soil moisture

Note: Soil moisture below 300mm is seen as poor for corn production while levels above 300mm are seen as fair for corn development. Moisture conditions between 400mm and 600mm are optimal to excessive depending on local temperatures and crop phase.
Source: NOAA
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