U.S. biodiesel production was 154 million gallons in May, a five-month high and up 2 percent from May 2018. Manufacturers used 659 million pounds of soybean oil in May, and from January through May, soybean oil accounted for 56 percent of feedstock utilization, displacing modest volumes of corn oil and yellow grease, the next largest feedstocks.

Although sales of B100 in May, at 72 million gallons, came in at a nine-month high, sales of B100 for use in blends, at 89 million gallons, were down slightly from April and were down 3 percent from a year ago. Domestic biodiesel consumption peaks during the summer driving season, and we expect to see a similar trend this year, but YOY gains may be slim.

Monthly utilization of major biodiesel feedstocks

Source: EIA
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