Jan-Apr ethanol production increased 2 percent from the same period in 2017—and in April increased almost 4 percent year over year—while monthly ending stocks declined from a 7 percent surplus year over year in January to a 1 percent deficit when comparing April volumes.

Domestic use by blenders and refiners declined by 1 percent during these months compared to 2017, leaving exports as an industry bright spot. Jan-Apr cumulative ethanol exports were up 44 percent from 2017, with March exports up 68 percent year over year and April up 86 percent.

Canada and Brazil are still the top two destinations for U.S. ethanol, but Brazil has regularly surpassed Canada since the end of 2016. This year, Brazil’s cumulative imports for Jan-Apr were up 58 percent from 2017, while Canada’s imports were up a little over 1 percent.

Monthly U.S. ethanol exports to Canada & Brazil

Source: EIA
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