The Jun. 21 USDA milk production report showed continued strong output per cow and no change to the underlying herd. At the end of May, the total number of heifers across the country was static at 9.43 million, unchanged from the previous month. Total milk output was a record high of 68 lbs of milk produced per cow per day and a total of 2,108 lbs per animal during the month. National milk output was 19.875 million lbs, bringing the cumulative total on a year-to-date basis up 0.8 percent through the month of May. Although the country normally peaks in April, this year has seen continued mild temperatures and conditions across much of the country leading to a prolonged flush period of peak productivity. It is highly unusual to see a higher level of milk yield in May compared to April, but that is precisely what dairy farmers are reporting this year. With warmer summer temperatures now being seen across more of the country, the flush has unquestionably passed, and we will surely see a measured decrease in July’s numbers. 

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