Mexico’s sugarcane crush was 5,935 hectares (ha) in the week ending Nov. 26, down from 6,414 ha the previous week and 7,619 a year prior. Crush did accelerate in the last two reported weeks but was still down 27 percent YOY.

Sugar production through the ninth week of the season reached 0.971 MMT, down 27 percent YOY. As a reminder, we forecast 2022/23 sugar output near 5.9 MMT, while the initial official forecast was higher at 6.025 MMT.

Cane yield in the week ending Nov. 26 was 83.09 MT per ha, down from 90.38 MT a year prior. Sugar content was 9.4 percent, just below 9.51 a year prior.

As of last report, 15 mills had begun crushing—on average, the mills began three days behind the estimated start date. Some 17 mills were already crushing in the same week of last year.

Mexico weekly sugar production, seasonal comparison

Source: CNDSCA, McKeany-Flavell