For the marketing year to date (October through April), Mexico’s imports of HFCS-55 total an estimated 467,666 metric tons (MT), dry basis, a decline of 2.3 percent from imports of 478,602 MT a year ago.

Given the high prices for domestic sugar in Mexico, the decline in its imports of HFCS is not entirely expected. Some players in Mexico’s sweetener market have advocated for tariffs or other barriers targeting this commodity now, a strategy that was also advocated during the contentious process of negotiating and modifying the Suspension Agreements that now regulate U.S. imports of sugar from Mexico.

At 2,187 MT, the volume of HFCS-42 shipments is as usual much lower compared to HFCS-55, though it does represent an 11 percent increase.

Mexico cumulative imports of U.S. high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS-55)

Source: USITC, McKeany-Flavell
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