Mexican sugar production for 2018/19 is now projected at around 6 million metric tons (MMT) according to Huberto Jasso, head of CNIAA, the sugar and alcohol industry association. This is in line with 2017/18 production, which was slightly above 6 MMT.

This year, Mexico will most likely face a sugar surplus, as supply is projected to remain unchanged while demand, export demand in particular, could decrease dramatically. USDA lowered its forecast for 2018/19 U.S. imports of Mexican sugar to about two-thirds of 2017/18 imports. A new estimate from USDA will be published next week. Furthermore, Mexican sugar consumption is forecast to decline 5 percent or around 200,000 MT, as the sugar tax as well as health concerns have helped curb consumption.

Mexican sugar production & domestic consumption

Source: CNIAA
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