Educational Webinars


One of the many ways McKeany-Flavell keeps clients up to date on commodity and ingredient market dynamics is with topical and timely webinars. Lasting from 30 minutes to an hour, our webinars offer a quick and convenient means of getting up to speed on the factors that will ultimately impact ingredient pricing.

Market topics covered quarterly include corn, soybeans and soybean oil, and sugar. Biannual webinars look at cocoa and chocolate and fruit and fruit concentrates. Special, one-time webinars explore topical market situations. All webinars are recorded for clients unable to attend the scheduled presentation, giving them the ability to watch at their convenience.

Webinar access is included with every consulting package and is a component of our basic subscription services. If you are not yet a client, you can purchase a recent webinar for $99.


For more information or to purchase past webinars, please contact us.