Studies & Reports

For a deeper look into a food-based industry, commission a market study. We also offer consulting on both an annual and hourly basis covering wide areas of the commodity and ingredient landscape.

Our research efforts – embodied in exclusive studies, surveys, and briefings – can be your edge in this increasingly competitive world.

McKeany-Flavell Studies and Reports

U.S. Corn Milling

• U.S. Corn Wet Milling Industry
• Corn Syrup Solids: North American Capacity and Production
• Waxy Corn Starch: Market Overview

Regional and World Sugar & Corn Sweeteners

• The U.S.-Mexico Sugar Trade
• North American Sugar and Sweeteners
• World Sugar Outlook: A Market Overview
• The North American Sweetener Industry
• Strategic Outlook on North America’s Sweetener Industry
• The Mexican Sugar Industry

World Corn Milling & Milling Products

• Starch and Starch Derivatives: A Global Market Analysis
• Chinese Corn Wet Milling Industry
• Indian Corn Wet Milling Industry
• Corn Gluten Meal: Global Market Overview

Alternative Sweeteners & Other Ingredients

• Crystalline Fructose: Market Update
• Monk Fruit Market Report
• Global Maltitol Supply and Demand
• Stevia: Supply and Demand Analysis of Reb-A
• Aspartame Supply and Demand
• Sucralose Supply and Demand
• Polyols: Global Supply and Demand and Production Costs of Key Suppliers
• Maltodextrins: Global Overview

U.S. Sugar & Corn Sweeteners

• The U.S. Sugar Beet Industry
• Analysis of Non-GM Sugar in the U.S. Market
• U.S. Liquid Sugar and Medium Invert Sugar
• The Southern U.S. Sugar Market
• The U.S. Sugar Industry

Other Market Reports

• Edible Oils Situation in the United States and Canada
• Glycerin: Global Supply and Demand


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