2021: Back to the Future


2021 Spring Market Seminar
Virtual 2-Day Event
April 27 & 28, 2021
10:00AM Pacific Time – 1:00 PM Pacific Time
$250 per company

A year ago, we were excited to share with you insights on how the ingredient sector was rapidly changing in response to evolving consumer food and beverage demand with a kaleidoscope of new offerings, such as CBD derivatives, and the development of new technologies. In an on-demand culture, consumers were insisting on swift innovation, and thus we were witnessing the beginning of a true food revolution.

Then, the pandemic threw our industry into turmoil as shutdowns and virus outbreaks affected ingredient availability, supply chain movement, and even packaging options. Together we figured out in short order how to work remotely, engage new suppliers and delivery companies, and ensure the reliability and integrity of our food and beverage supply.

What we learned over the past year was not that COVID derailed the food revolution but that it accelerated many impactful forces. Online grocery shopping is a way of life now for many consumers: How does that change our attitudes toward food and drink? How do companies effectively market food and beverage products to online shoppers? With travel and large-scale entertainment likely curtailed for quite a while yet, will product demand from the food service sector be shifted to other segments of the food industry, such as ready-made meals?

Last year, we had on our minds the possible threat to traditional base ingredients that might fall out of favor with the onrush of niche products. The pandemic reminded many consumers about the comfort of familiar foods, while reliable supply became of paramount importance. With a post-pandemic world on the horizon, this is the year to prepare for sidelined trends to reemerge: Consumers are eager for food and beverage options that intrigue their tastes and improve their sense of well-being.

Join our experts as they discuss dynamics driving the future of food ingredients.

WHERE: Virtual 2-Day Event
WHEN: April 27 & 28, 10:00 AM Pacific Time to 1:00 PM Pacific Time
COST: $250 per company
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