Spring Market Seminar 2020!

FOOD X.0: The Revolution Has Begun

2020 Spring Market Seminar
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Le Méridien Chicago
Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook, Illinois

The food and beverage sector is currently experiencing an evolution—perhaps even a revolution—in consumer demand.
Consumer wants are ever changing, shifting under a host of factors, including age, income, and family status, but we are witnessing a convergence around a few core demands: convenient, personalized, and traceable food products, especially those with exciting ingredients, sustainable sources, recyclable packaging, or a unique story.

A common theme is consumers turning away from the perceived rigidity of mass-market offerings (Food 2.0) to products that celebrate or enhance the food we eat to thrive (Food 3.0). Food manufacturers have kicked up innovation in response. Plant-based proteins, five-ingredient snacks, beverages that improve brain function—all are examples of processed foods that greatly appeal in today’s market.

The revolutionary part? Speed. Urgency. In an on-demand culture, consumers insist on rapid change, but the longevity of a demand, particularly for new food technologies, is difficult to predict. Food futurists are pondering how soon Food 3.0 will morph into a tech-driven Food 4.0 (3D-printed meals, anyone?).

In our seminar, we will consider whether market forces spell extinction for many traditional base ingredients when they fall out of favor, or if new ingredients will expand the mix.

Join our experts as they discuss the new dynamics upending the food and beverage world.

WHERE: Le Méridien Chicago–Oakbrook Center — 2100 Spring Rd, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523
WHEN: Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
COST: $675 per person | $475 for existing clients
REGISTRATION: Complete the form below, or call us at (510) 832–2866

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