July was another solid month of milk production across the U.S. even as the herd was knocked back by 3,000 head from June. The July yield was effectively flat at 2,015 lbs of milk per cow, or 65 lbs of milk per cow per day based on corrected statistics. This is the second straight monthly decline in herd and likely confirms that the herd will be trending lower over the next six to nine months.

Total herd was reported at 9.5 million heifers across all 50 states, 8.99 million in the 24 largest producing states. YTD cumulative milk output fell from 2.5 percent to 2.4 percent as herd has peaked and yields are coming in basically flat vs. prior year. The hot, dry summer season and even drought conditions have likely pressured milking and dairy operations from the West Coast all the way to the central Plains.

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USDA reported daily milk yield

Source: USDA
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