The U.S. imported close to 24,700 MT of honey in July, raising the 2021 cumulative total to 130,918 MT, up 19 percent year on year. Top supplier Vietnam accounted for 25 percent of July’s volume and 19 percent of the year-to-date figure. On the whole, Vietnam’s share of the U.S. market has slipped this year, while India and Argentina have increased shipments to the U.S. Honey imports from India were almost 8,500 MT in July, a record.

The CIF value of July’s honey imports was around $70.9 million, or $2,872 per metric ton. On a per-pound basis, July honey imports averaged around $1.30 compared to the 2020 average of $1.02 and the 2021 average to date of $1.38. Pricing of honey from Vietnam ticked higher in July, with its CIF value averaging $0.84 per pound, while honey from India held around $1.00 per pound and honey from Argentina remained in the mid-$1.60s per pound.

Cumulative U.S. honey imports

Value of U.S. honey imports

Source: USITC
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