Information Services

Our Information Services team not only assists our clients with understanding commodity and ingredient market dynamics, it also takes on directed research projects, assembling our extensive database of intelligence for a wide variety of uses. We produce regular commodity and commercial market publications covering supply and demand fundamentals, news alerts on events that shape the markets, and resource guides to give you a complete picture of the industries we monitor. We also offer different modeling instruments for forecasting costs or prices.

McKeany-Flavell provides an independent voice that can help with understanding the food and beverage industries, and the factors that drive their behavior. We are more than a source of market information: We work in the business every day.

MFI Intelligence Subscriptions

Whether you’re a food or beverage manufacturer evaluating your commodity and ingredient spend, an ingredient supplier evaluating prospective sales opportunities for your products, or an investor evaluating commodity or food industry markets, McKeany-Flavell has the intelligence you need to make sound business decisions.

Need the latest market recap or access to historical product pricing? McKeany-Flavell has the insight you are looking for. Publications and webinars are also available as a component of a consulting agreement.

MFI Basic

Commodities Weekly, Sweet Beat, Edible Oils Monthly, Cocoa Monthly, Fruit News, World Sugar Report, Net Corn Cost Report, Coproduct Monthly, Basis Report, access to all McKeany-Flavell webinars


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Market Education

There’s no class you can take in college to learn the ins and outs of a commodity or ingredient market. That knowledge comes from experience, something you can find from our group of analysts in the food and beverage industry. Our educational courses can be held at your office, at ours, or online via web conferencing. If you’re new to the industry, or simply want to expand your knowledge base, we provide seminars to get you up to speed in rapid speed.

See our list of industry-leading seminars by clicking here.


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Client Comments

We are always amazed at the fact McKeany-Flavell sees beyond the here and now on our industry. Your ability to see the vision of growth and how we view our business is scary. However, it is also why we look to understand what you are seeing in the market.


Offering the concept of purchasing off-cycle has allowed our client the audience with suppliers placing them in a position that led to an advantage to the general marketplace as it pertains to commercial pricing.


We heard of the potential renegotiation of NAFTA and our CEO asked us to provide a scenario on price direction based on specific market assumptions. Our CPO asked if we had contacted McKeany-Flavell for insight.


When we hire new employees, we send them to McKeany-Flavell’s seminars to learn about the industry and shrink the time it takes to get them up to speed.


We wanted to determine the viability of the wet milling industry in China as a potential investment. We came to McKeany-Flavell to provide that analysis due to their long history in the sweetener industry.