From October through mid-February, Indian sugar production totaled 16.99 MMT, down nearly 23 percent from production a year prior, estimated at 21.97 MMT.

Output for Maharashtra, top producer a year ago, is 4.34 MMT, down 48 percent YOY. Some 193 mills in the state operated last season, falling to 143 mills this season.

Top producer for 2019/20 to date, Uttar Pradesh, reports output of 6.63, up nearly 4 percent YOY.

Karnataka’s cumulative output is down 20 percent YOY at 3.08 MMT of sugar.

Per ISMA reporting, exports to date reached 1.6 MMT, with some 3.2 MMT contracted. The government has announced that it will reallocate 20 percent of mill export quotas if they have not contracted at least 25 percent of their maximum exportable volume.

India cumulative sugar production

Source: ISMA, McKeany-Flavell
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