Soybean exports slow seasonally

Soybean exports for the week of Mar. 2 slowed down by 34 percent from the previous week, putting accumulated shipments at 42.1 MMT (1.5 billion bushels). March started with soybean export volumes to China down by 36 percent week over week. China’s share of [...]

McKeany-Flavell Hot Commodity Podcast

Tune in to McKeany-Flavell's Hot Commodity Podcast Series! If you want to become more familiar with the world of commodities and empower yourself with market knowledge, the Hot Commodity podcast has what you’re looking for. Join us as we discuss fundamental and technical factors [...]

World sugar futures climb

Earlier this month, May-23 and Jul-23 #11 world raw sugar futures reached fresh contract highs. World sugar showed little in the way of unequivocally bullish factors, however, so amid moderate-volume trading and with oil closing lower over the week, technical trading and noncommercials were [...]

USDA tweaks Florida citrus forecast

In the March Citrus report, USDA’s only changes were modest hikes to Florida production. For non-Valencia oranges, USDA raised Florida’s 2022/23 production by 100,000 boxes to 6.1 million boxes, down 67 percent YOY. The state’s Valencia forecast was left unchanged at just 10 million [...]

Soy complex under pressure this week

Environmental and economic factors have continued to affect the soybean market. May-23 soybeans fell from their peak to close the week at about $0.70 above year-ago values, and soybean oil futures continued their multi-week slide. NOPA soybean crush was 165.4 million bushels in February, [...]

Mexico sugar output down 8% YOY as of late February

Early 2023 estimates of Mexico’s sugar production leave much to be desired. Even though harvest area is not up year on year, Mexico’s sugar production is still lagging last year’s pace and the multiyear average for this date. The real culprit behind the lag [...]

Update on beverage & junk food taxes around the world

The new ultra-conservative Israeli administration immediately canceled a soft drink tax (and a tax on disposable plasticware) without any public consultation and was criticized by domestic and international health experts. Following a November 2022 vote, Colombia will be rolling out a tax in July [...]

Corn exports reflect stronger shipments to Mexico

U.S. 2022/23 corn exports saw their strongest week to date during the week of Mar. 2, with over 1.05 MMT shipped. Sales were also good, at 1.41 MMT. Total commitments stood at 30.65 MMT (1.21 billion bushels). High exports during the week of Mar. [...]

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