Total HFCS exports to Mexico ended the 2016/17 marketing year (Oct-Sep) up 3 percent from the previous season. HFCS-55 exports, which made up nearly all the HFCS going into Mexico last season, were up a little more than 2 percent. After sharply lower demand from Mexico in 2013-2015, HFCS-42 exports strengthened a bit in both 2015/16 and 2016/17—but demand appears steady at volumes substantially lower from what Mexico used to import just four to five years ago. Despite industry interest in selling HFCS to other countries, HFCS exports to all destinations in 2016/17 totaled 1.05 million metric tons (dry weight), down 1 percent from 2015/16. Sales to Mexico last season averaged 84 percent of total HFCS exports, compared to around 80 percent in 2014/15 and 2015/16. Over the course of the marketing year, the value of HFCS-55 exports to Mexico averaged just under 20 cents per pound, dry weight, slightly higher than the average of the previous two seasons.

HFCS-55 exports to Mexico, last 7 years

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