The American CBD Expo in San Jose, CA gave businesses and consumers the opportunity to learn about an industry in which daily growth is the expectation. The expo featured over two dozen vendors, including business insurers, CBD testing labs, hemp nurseries, and edible and topical products for either humans or pets.

Perhaps the most industry-shaking technology discussed at the expo was stable synthetic CBD acids (CBDA). A research group led by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the “Godfather of CBD”, announced the discovery of CBDA last September, finding it to be a thousand times more potent than regular CBD, per NBC.

CBDA is more difficult to process for the human body than CBD, however, so most processors convert CBDA into CBD. Although, one company claimed their patented process makes CBDA easier to absorb.

The CBD market currently has numerous products and each product typically contains CBD isolate, broad-spectrum oil, or full spectrum oil, all on display at the expo.

High-quality CBD isolates typically are 99.8 percent CBD or higher and contain none of the other 112 known cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum oils contain CBD and other cannabinoids except for THC, which is known to have psychoactive effects. Full-spectrum oils contain no more than 0.3 percent THC.

Molecular model of cannabidiolic acid (CBDA)

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