After the close of its owner and factory, it was reported that Sweethearts, the message-bearing, heart-shaped, multicolored candies, would not be available for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Once the self-proclaimed oldest candy company in the U.S., NECCO, manufacturer of Sweethearts, Wafers, Clark Bar, Sky Bar, Candy Buttons, and Haviland Thin Mints, closed in 2018. Though an earlier bid by Spangler Candy fell through, that company did eventually acquire some NECCO brands, including Sweethearts last fall. (Real estate developers purchased NECCO’s plant and headquarters in Revere, MA.)

Spangler initially announced that Sweethearts would not be available for sale until Valentine’s Day 2020, but both its candies and Brach’s version will reportedly be on the shelves today. Krispy Kreme announced its own conversation heart donuts, updated with messages such as “BFF,” “ALL THE FEELS,” and “CRAZY 4U.”

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