Formulating Food & Beverage Products with CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is being touted as one of the top health-oriented ingredient trends in the food and beverage industry. And while developing new products during a pandemic presents obvious challenges, many food and beverage developers remain bullish about the potential for products featuring CBD derived from hemp. CBD-based food and beverages are projected to take up ample shelf space at U.S. grocery stores, mass-market retailers, and other places where people shop daily for consumer goods.

McKeany-Flavell empowers clients with commercial intelligence, supply chain expertise, & risk management solutions.

McKeany-Flavell offers commodity market expertise in sugar, corn sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate, fruit and fruit concentrates, edible oils, nutmeats, molasses, and other ingredients including CBD. After more than seven decades in the food and beverage industry, we know the players and the game. For the last two years we have been actively researching, studying, and profiling the CBD market and its applications for the food and beverage industry. Today, we offer our accumulated intelligence and provide consultation to developers on the fast-growing market for CBD as a new ingredient in mainstream food and beverage product development.

If you are a developer who is interested in adding CBD ingredients to your new or existing products you should contact us directly to ask questions, obtain market intelligence, and request samples. If you are a current manufacturer of edibles or other food and beverage products, we offer market intelligence and sourcing solutions on sugar, sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate in addition to CBD. We’d love to hear from you.

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