Pent-up Halloween spirit (and spirits?) may elevate candy purchasing this month to a record $3 billion, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual spending survey. The CDC is cool with trick-or-treating this year (with the caveat, of course, to respect local regulations), and 66 percent of respondents are planning to hand out candy, up from 62 percent last year.

What kind of candy will make you popular among the costumed set? is glad you asked. Their 2021 map of favorite candy by state shows a few changes among the winners as peanut butter cups achieve more top spots. Washington state: Keeping an eye on you. Who gives out saltwater taffy on Halloween? Is that a thing?


The only rain on the spook parade is literally rain: Many regions in the U.S. are at higher-than-average chance of precipitation on Oct. 31. But here’s the thing: Hard work is good for the character of America’s youth. Easy candy, pfft. The kids need to suit up and earn their sugar. Plus! Adverse weather (especially chilly, wet weather) negates calories, everybody knows that, so older folks chaperoning little squids should feel free to sample the haul. (Another life lesson, is what my Dad told me as he “helped” me eat ice cream cones.)

Here’s to a fun Halloween season, and best wishes to those of you stubbornly masticating taffy in Washington. Next year, we’ll see if peanut butter cups can extend their reach north.

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