Risk Management and Systematic Modeling Services

In response to growing demand from customers in the food and beverage industry for enhanced risk management assistance, McKeany-Flavell now offers an expanded commodity risk management program.

Shawn Bingham, who heads the new program, joined McKeany-Flavell in January 2021 to develop the new offering and integrate his strategic systematic modeling platform. Shawn is a veteran of the futures and options industry and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. He is a past member of both the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Board Options Exchange and has worked for several industry recognized firms.

Successful procurement price risk management means striking a balance between supply assurance, cost avoidance and volatility. We recommend a portfolio strategy approach, using multiple tools and disciplines to achieve your procurement goals.

After months of preparation to establish a robust risk management service for our established clientele, we are proudly offering this new program with great confidence. Clients who are interested in benefiting from expanded risk management solutions during these volatile times should contact us directly.

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