As of late October, the European Commission’s 2020/21 EU-27 corn production estimate was 60.2 MMT, down 10.0 MMT from its August estimate, per Reuters. The EU has sourced most of its corn imports from Ukraine in recent years, but with both the EU and Ukraine experiencing supply problems in 2020/21, U.S. and South American exporters may see even greater demand.

Amid tightening supplies in Ukraine, the country’s pig and poultry industries asked the government to place a limit on 2020/21 corn exports. Rising grain prices have increased the cost of fodder by up to 45 percent in Ukraine, per Successful Farming.

As of Nov. 2, Ukraine’s 2020/21 corn crop was roughly 66 percent harvested, with overall yield at eight-year lows, per AgResource. If the yield remains poor, final production may be near 29.1 MMT, some 7.4 MMT below USDA’s October estimate.

EU-27 corn production by season

Source: USDA, European Commission

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