Two of California’s most cherished nuts, almonds and walnuts, thrive under the state’s unique atmospheric conditions. Yet recent weather patterns threaten to frustrate the productivity of these crops.

Almond trees bloom from mid-February to mid-March while walnuts bloom from April to May. Calm weather during these months is crucial to support pollination. Harvest begins in August for almonds and in September for walnuts.

For the first time in 25 years, California’s almond acreage has decreased. In the crop report from August 2022, total almond tree acreage was estimated at 1.64 million acres, down 20, 000 acres YOY. Production was consequently lowered by 4 percent from 2021 to about 3 billion pounds. The most recent almond acreage report, released on Apr. 27, estimates a further decline in acreage this year. The walnut acreage report for 2022 will be released in the fourth week of May.

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