The runup in corn pricing outpaced higher coproduct values, which led net corn cost to average almost $2.16 in December, up 2 percent from a month prior and up about 2 percent YOY. The coproduct credit averaged $2.35 in December, up 7 percent from November and up 29 percent YOY.

Feed demand has stayed strong in December with average feed prices holding firm near $150 per ton, up 10 percent from the November average of $136 per ton.

Corn gluten meal pricing has also steadied, with values hitting an average of $573 per ton in December, up 11 percent or $55 from November. Current meal values are up more than $150 dollars per ton from a year ago.

Prices for corn oil remained steady to finish out 2020, with values falling slightly from November’s average of 42.3 cents per pound to December’s average of 41.7 cents per pound.

Average monthly net corn cost, by season

Source: McKeany-Flavell
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