U.S. ethanol producers used 447.4 million bushels of corn during November, down less than a percent from October and down 4 percent from November 2021. About 92 percent of the month’s corn was used by dry mill ethanol manufacturers, about the same share as a year ago but down from their share closer to 93 percent we saw during the summer as wet mill ethanol production ticked slightly higher since September.

Yield for distillers corn oil (DCO) was about what we’ve seen during the second half of 2022 and higher than year-ago yields. Consequently, distillers grain production has been a bit lower year over year, especially dried grains, as millers extract more oil during corn processing. Dried distillers grain production totaled 2.16 million tons in November, down 9 percent from November 2021, while wet distillers grain production was up 10 percent YOY, leading to a 1 percent YOY decline for the total DG category. DCO production was nearly unchanged YOY.

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Source: 123rf.com
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