Futures activity

  • Corn futures ended last week a bit stronger than they began with the Mar-22 contract closing at $5.93 per bushel, about 1.5 percent higher than Monday’s settle.

S&D and fundamental factors

  • U.S. exports were reported on the stronger side of things last week at 76.7 million bushels, a market-year high for 2021/22. Most of the sales were to Mexico, while China, though rumored to be considering U.S. purchases, remains on the sidelines.
  • Chinese corn prices have been rising despite reserve releases this marketing year. Prices are currently around $11 per bushel and have been rising since late October.

Weather, macro indicators, and news

  • South American weather is a mixed bag, with adequate (and arguably excessive) moisture levels in northern Brazil and pronounced dryness in the south. Argentina’s outlook is also drier in the coming weeks.

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Source: 123rf.com
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