U.S. corn exports during the week ending Jun. 22 fell to a 20-week low as average shipments to Mexico could not offset very light trade activity with other usual partners and shipments to China fell to just 9,000 MT. 

USDA lowered 2022/23 corn exports to 43.8 MMT (1.725 billion bushels) in the June WASDE, the lowest since 2012/13. With a little over two months left in the marketing year and with Brazil busy shipping its extensive inventory, we don’t expect to see unusual late-season strength in U.S. corn purchasing.  

Sales of new-crop 2023/24 corn were behind average pace as of Jun. 22, with a total of 3.2 MMT under contract, the lowest level since 2016/17. Sales to Mexico, at 2.1 MMT, were moving along at a good pace, but China had booked only 272,000 MT, just 10 percent of new-crop purchases this time last year. 

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Source: 123rf.com
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