Dec-23 corn futures continued to move higher last week to $6.28 per bushel (a five-month high) as of close Jun. 21 before falling back to $5.88 per bushel as of close Jun. 23.

Spot Jul-23 futures closed at $6.30 per bushel Jun. 23 but were as high as $6.71 per bushel Jun. 21.

EPA’s finalization of the 2023-2025 renewable fuel standard volumes was as follows (as compared to the December 2022 proposal):

2023: 20.94 billion gallons (20.82)

2024: 21.54 billion gallons (21.87)

2025: 22.33 billion gallons (22.68)

The ethanol mandate was also trimmed by 250 million gallons to now 15 billion gallons.

Corn crop ratings fell to 55 percent good to excellent, down a sizeable 6 percentage points vs. the prior week and well below last year’s crop at 70 percent good to excellent.

Last week’s rains were more of the same: heavier rains in Dakotas/areas north and the eastern/southeastern grain areas. Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana are mostly dry. A similar forecast is expected this week with perhaps some rain chances in those “I” states that need rain the most.

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