U.S. corn rose only 9 points from last week to 58 percent planted as of May 26. Current pace remains the slowest on record at 32 points behind the five-year average of 90 percent planted by this time.

In Iowa, the corn crop was reported at 76 percent planted, up 6 points from the week prior and 20 points behind the five-year average. Indiana was at 22 percent planted, 63 points behind the five-year average, while Illinois was at 35 percent planted, 60 points behind the five-year average. Michigan, Ohio, South-Dakota, and Wisconsin are all below the halfway mark as well. Furthermore, emerged corn increased 13 points to 32 percent, 37 points behind the five-year average.

Switching to soybeans, only 29 percent of the crop had been planted, and 11 percent emerged, compared to the five-year averages of 66 and 35 percent respectively. To date, 2019 is the fourth slowest year on record for soybean planting. Frequent rain in the Midwest is expected to continue through next Wednesday, June 5. Thereafter, drier field conditions will likely accelerate corn and soybean planting.

U.S. corn percent planted

Source: USDA
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