The Wheat Market

McKeany-Flavell and Fox Consulting Cover the Wheat Market

Since 1948, McKeany-Flavell has advised food and beverage industry clients how to navigate many markets, such as sweeteners, cocoa, edible oils, fruit, and nutmeats, and maintain best pricing, a reliable supply chain, and effective risk management.

We now offer the same level of service and analysis in the wheat market through our partnership with Fox Consulting. Fox president Mark Harris has nearly 30 years’ experience with strategic procurement and risk management specific to the wheat market. Our combined counsel offers insight on:

  • Wheat basis
  • Millfeed values
  • Weather
  • Currency relationships
  • Export demand
  • Flour pricing models
  • Corn/wheat relationship
  • Geopolitical activity
  • Biofuels policies
  • Risk management and hedging

Together, McKeany-Flavell and Fox Consulting can provide specific review and analysis of customer supply sourcing, regional pricing, and wheat classification. In addition, our educational Wheat 101 seminar quickly brings new buyers and other personnel quickly up to speed. Customized web conferences offer in-depth consultations and the opportunity to examine market data together.

Mark Harris

  • President, Fox Consulting
  • Senior VP with responsibilities including procurement, operations, supply chain planning, co-packing, customer service, and transportation/warehousing. Private food industry, 1984 to 2013
  • Washington State Economic Development Commission (Washington Governor Appointee): Commissioner – Food Sector, Private Industry, 2011 to 2014
  • Portland State University Food Industry Leadership Council, 1998 to 2012
  • Portland State University Food Industry Leadership Council, 1998 to 2012


Know Your Options, Strengthen Your Business

Commodities are world markets, and with global wheat flour consumption forecast to rise 5 percent by 2015, identifying optimal procurement timing will be one key to protecting margins. The bakery category may see retail value growth of 12 percent over the next two years, with value growth in North America potentially reaching 7 percent. Are you ready?


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