Nuts are grown around the world, and many types may be substituted for others in a number of applications, leading to the idea (for those not involved on a regular basis) that the nutmeat market can be straightforward and competitive.  In reality, for some nuts, most of the world’s commercial supply is dominated by a single producer. Over 80 percent of almonds, for example, come from a relatively small region of California, where the market can turn swiftly as Mother Nature either turns on or off the key to production, water!  Also adding complexity to nutmeats is the network of relationships central to the market: many buyers and suppliers have worked together for years.

McKeany-Flavell monitors the important elements impacting production of almonds and walnuts in California as well as pecans throughout the southern and southwestern states.  We maintain numerous relationships to provide our customers options for purchasing domestically produced and imported nuts, such as macadamias.


  • Almonds (whole, sliced, diced, slivered, meal, flour)
  • Walnuts (sliced, diced, pieces)
  • Pecans (whole, sliced, diced, pieces)
  • Macadamia (sliced, diced, pieces)


McKeany-Flavell regularly researches and authors industry reports for clients.
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