Fruit & Fruit Concentrates

The fruit market is very global in nature because most governments don’t support fruit prices as much as, say, sugar. Many food and beverage manufacturers use concentrated juice, especially apple and grape, to sweeten their products. The major exporters drive global prices, at least for the commodity ingredients like orange and apple juice. For products showcasing fruit, like juices and fruit snacks, a manufacturer’s need for a certain flavor profile usually means a lot of attention to sugar-acid ratios and how well the fruit plays with the product’s other components. The result is often the need for specialty ingredients.

Many factors affect fruit product supply and pricing, from global weather to crop disease to competition for land from other crops. Having a variety of product sources is key to protecting your supply chain. McKeany-Flavell has an extensive network in the fruit industry, and we can provide guidance to new supply options. Our suppliers are always vetted with quality assurance certification and quality sampling.


  • Orange: concentrated juice, not-from-concentrate juice
  • Apple: concentrated juice
  • Pineapple: juice, aseptic packaged, sliced, diced, crushed
  • Grape: concentrated juice
  • Cherries: concentrated juice, dried
  • Peaches: sliced, diced


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