Commercial Intelligence

Understanding the Food & Beverage Industry

Nearly seven decades of experience advising the commodities and ingredients sector provide us with insights challenging to find anywhere else. McKeany-Flavell’s services are invaluable not just to food and beverage industry participants but also to indirect participants in those market sectors.

There are a number of ways to access our commercial intelligence. Our regular webinars and publications offer comprehensive information about ingredient production costing, pricing dynamics, and industry profitability. For a deeper look into a food-based industry, you can commission a market study. We also offer consulting on both an annual and hourly basis, allowing you access to timely and personalized service and advice about commodities, ingredients, and other market factors.

McKeany-Flavell provides counsel to over 90 national and multinational food and beverage companies, allowing us a perspective few can match.

  • Five of the largest global beverage companies
  • Seven of the largest processed food companies
  • Ten of the largest confectionery companies
  • Three of the largest cereal companies in the U.S.

We work with every market segment within the food and beverage industry, including bakeries, food processors, dairy, and confectionary, to name just a few. Many of our clients are significant players, accounting for 80 percent of industry volume.

We know the market, and we can help you find opportunities.

  • We are a reliable, independent source for intelligence.
  • We can offer unequaled support with price discovery.
  • Market information is asymmetrical. What you know vs. what the rest of the market knows are two different things. Our interaction with different market elements bridges that gap.

Info Services

Our Information Services team helps clients understand commodity and ingredient market dynamics, using our extensive database of intelligence to answer queries about supply, pricing, and more. Our analysts also take on directed research projects.

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Our Intelligence

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