Consumer Trends: How changes in consumer behavior impact the ingredients you buy

Across the news, lifestyle magazines, and social media, every window we have into the wider world highlights a shift in our taste for what we eat and drink. We could well believe that the entire planet is now interested in non-GM plant-based proteins, chicory-infused beverages, and specialty-flour muffins lightly sweetened with organic honey.

What’s a supply-chain professional to do but track down providers of new in-demand ingredients and pay less attention to traditional commodity ingredients like sugar, cocoa and chocolate, and edible fats and oils.

Yet some questions remain: Do consumers really desire these products enough to pay the higher prices associated with these niche finished goods? Many consumers are still unwilling to pay the premium that goes hand in hand with ingredients certified organic or GMO-free. Is there enough consumer demand to warrant the time, effort, and cost to develop or reformulate products? More companies are facing what seems like a do-or-die choice: Stay true to low-cost ingredients, betting that consumers will prefer wallet-friendly products, or take a leap of faith that today’s niche categories offer a superior opportunity for market share growth.

Come talk with our experts and learn how everchanging consumer behavior could influence new and traditional ingredient markets and how companies can make these highly challenging sourcing decisions.

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WHEN: Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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